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Friday, December 22, 2006

How Freakin' Sad

Just went to see A Night at the Museum. Good flick. Plays all the right cards, fits the bill nicely for a light hearted, feel-good comedy. I actually enjoyed watching Stiller. Often he gets too goofy for me, but he played this part well. Great cast and lots of laughs. Highly recommend.

However, the freakin' sad part was the previews. They previewed Fantastic Four 2 (Rise of the Silver Surfer). Holy freakin' cow. I was as giddy as a 4 year old. The theater was packed and I was unable to stop myself from giggling and clapping after the preview...the only consolation was that I was up front and couldn't see the rest of the adults staring at me. I didn't turn either.

Needless to say, I'm a Silver Surfer fan (not an uber fan, just a fan). The animation looked great to me and when the Human Torch catches him and he turns, grabs him and zooms into outer space... oh. my. god. Can't wait. Transformers looked good. Spiderman looks great. But. The Silver Surfer. I'm still giddy. It's the same feeling I got when seeing Spiderman and playing Spiderman 2 on the Playstation 2. Absolute joy.

And I have 1 person to tell who even remotely gives a shit.

So here I am. Broadcasting to the entire planet in the hopes somebody shares my giddiness for seeing the Silver Surfer in live action (even if it is CGI).

Looks like, for now, the trailer is only in theaters - and perhaps only in front of A Night at the Museum.



Blogger Mark said...

Yeah, the Surfer looks cool. Funny world. I met the illustrator, Tim Flattery, on a plane ride back from CA in 99. One thing led to another and he ended up optioning one of my screenplays.



Thursday, January 18, 2007 at 4:01:00 PM EST  
Blogger Dante Kleinberg said...

I wonder if you felt the same way after seeing the movie. Which side of the popcorn movie audience do you sit with? Those who thrill at spectacle? Or those who demand the movies still make some kind of sense, even superficially?

I could tell some people in my audience were having a great time, but I couldn't do it, sadly.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 8:33:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Dave said...

Well... as a comic book fan, I find it compelling to like anything they throw out these days. The effects are so good, they really can bring all my childhood heroes to life.

However, the FF flicks just feel lacking. Maybe it's just that the audience for the FF4 is supposed to be the under 17 crowd. The characters certainly don't grow in any sort of emotional way nor face any obstacles that truly test them.

It really is a spectacle movie with little else to satiate the audience.

I'd also read an article in Script about the writer and the intentions behind the movie, so that was in the back of my mind as well.

As to my enjoyment - I'd like something more like the other superhero flicks - Batman, Batman Begins, Spiderman, etc. However, this one just isn't for the same audience. I did enjoy the spectacle, but like you wished for more.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 at 8:50:00 AM EDT  

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