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Monday, May 15, 2006

Exactly why write a blog?

Sick today. Blah. Sore throat - started last night and just had to stick around 'til morning. Don't like 'em. Blame my last job.

I worked on a world class IT helpdesk, took almost 40 calls a day and loved/hated every minute of it (I loved leaving and hated arriving). My voice has never been the same since. Now I get a sore throat faster than I can turn my head and cough.

But I still can't help but try and read some blogs - since with a sore throat, I obviously can't write.

Did I mention I took an allergy pill as well? There goes 5 hours out of my day. To me they're not so much allergy relief as they are non-consiously aware of allergy problems medication.

As my friend so eloquently puts it, "They knock me the fuck out."

So now it's 10pm and I'm praying that I stay drugged long enough to fall asleep. Because the worst thing that can happen is I wake up.

So, I'm reading around a bit - stumble on over to Moviequill - poor guy. He's been doing this awhile and hit the wall about a month back with the question "why do I even write a blog?" I'm on that road too, to some degree, but I just had to visit Jane Espensen's site to realize why.

She's got a hella blog (see how hip I am?).  She breaks down the art of writing in a way that is intelligent, fascinating and entertaining. Having a problem with something in your script, I'd head over to her site and comb it for suggestions. Can't help but come away with something worthwhile.

Scott the reader over at Alligators in a Helicopter is another one. Speaking of scripts, if you want to know how a good one reads, go check out his blog. You can read several days entries before you realize how much time you've spent there.

You hope that what you have to write is entertaining first. There are a ton of blogs out there, a ton even for just screenwriters. The best ones aren't necessarily the most posted, but they're the most entertaining. They draw something out of us like a story. Perhaps a dash from their personal lives mixed in with the post.

Besides, I just read that a stripper with a blog was able to turn it into a deal and is now writing for a living.

Speaking of reading - I got it out of the latest issue of Sc(i)pt and I have my own personal bitch about another article in there that I've fought over discussing, but will have to tomorrow.


Blogger wcdixon said...

Like your posts so far, especially "We'll Be Right Back After This Message" and your Cusack (Grosse Point Blanke! Bullets Over Broadway! High Fidelity!!) story...have some similar type stories with a younger me and Eric Roberts and not as young me with Dan Aykroyd - should post them sometime...though feel will never be able to retell them as well and with the clarity Josh Friedman seems to be able to on his blog...also new to this blogging land and its a little overwhleming how much of its out there, but so be it, find your niche I say...and thanks for being first site to add my 'uninflected images juxtaposed' to your Links section...cheers...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 12:48:00 AM EDT  
Blogger A. M. said...

stripper with a blog must be the one who was on Letterman and didn't let him get to her? ;)

stripper with a blog was able to turn it into a deal. Now, now. We've all heard about "overnight" successes. Strippers, just like unsold writers, are a dime a dozen. Is it surprising that there might be some overlap? Or are writers all supposed to be fat and ugly and thus hold, err, "appropriate dayjobs"?

We ususally try to learn from successful people. What can we learn from her? How did she do it? Did she follow the well-known "write what you know" that so often gets ignored, or .....?

Curiosity only kills cats. Phew!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 2:55:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, since that 'hit the wall' post I have actually been quite prolific and semi-regular (and I don't even take Metamucil)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 at 9:23:00 PM EDT  
Blogger Dave said...

What can you learn from the stripper blog? She was pretty catchy in her writing apparently. The content (and specifically her voice) was interesting enough to keep folks coming back. Finally paid off. No knock against her at all.

As for Moviequill - happy to hear that the writing is picking up steam again! Keep on truckin'.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006 at 12:04:00 AM EDT  

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