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An award caliber procrastinator discovers a new and dangerous pursuit to keep him from actually writing another script. Why another Blog? I love to talk screenwriting. I love to talk story. I live in Richmond, VA. It's almost easier to get produced than find another screenwriter here. We are the anti-LA.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Good news is I think my last post may have revealed something I was unaware of in my screenwriting.

Bad news is I think it kinda screws me six ways to sunday (at least for awhile).

I find myself in a situation much like having all the ingredients to make a recipe but not having the directions on how to combine them. This sucks.

Good news is I know why my bloody writing is so hard these days.

This also explains why I've always been so good at helping others rewrite, but stinking up the joint when it comes to my own stories.

bugger me.



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