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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Karma - or how to will your way to what you want

I was speaking with a friend of mine about losing some weight and he turned me onto some new age stuff. It started with Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich, but also went into some of the 'mind over matter' stuff.

See, if you think about something enough, you can almost will it to be.

You know how when you're having a problem with a writing/story problem and you go to bed only to wake up either in the middle of the night or the next morning with an answer?

Know how you have this great idea and at some point during your writing process, you see that somebody else already has a movie, novel, etc. *just* like it already out?

These are small examples of what i'm talking about.

If you really think about what you want to accomplish, your mind will help you work on the problem while you're asleep.

In a larger sense, I believe that the universe will help put you where you need to be to get what it is that you're after.

An example, albeit minor, I'm thinking about screenwriting and being a screenwriter. My concentration on the whole career aspect is like a biorhythm, up and down. In my most intense periods, I'll find myself either hearing about film events in my town, people will be asking me about story, screenwriting, I'll just be more aware of everything around me that surrounds screenwriting.

I believe it goes hand in hand with the Think and Grow Rich idea. If you want something bad enough, you'll think about it all the time and you'll do whatever you can to get it. By doing those things, you'll find yourself open or more receptive to any information or opportunity that can help you fulfill that desire.

I wish that as youngsters we were taught to think this way - how much more could we make of ourselves by simply thinking about what we want and being receptive to the world around us?


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