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Saturday, June 01, 2013

The New Screenwriter

There are always new screenwriters. It's inevitable. We see a bad movie and can't help but think "I could do better than that!". I'm not sure what makes us think that but we do. When was the last time you saw any other profession executed imperfectly and your first thought was "I could do better than that?" Is it just that we suspect people in the movies make a ton of money and, therefore, it's prize worth trying for since we believe our product could justify that large paycheck. Why is it always we could write a better movie? Why not direct one? Or produce one? Screenwriting is a profession. People work really hard to hone their craft. They may be first timers, but most have some sort of applicable education to back up their work. Many have been avid film/movie buffs since childhood. And yet, here we go thinking that with no education, no previous film study and on a whim, we can crank out a script on a par with a professional with years of experience. I saw a humorous post recently. I've finished my first script and am thinking about a rewrite. What should I do next? First script? I'd imagine you could rewrite it several times, then put it on the shelf or in a drawer and forget about it. Start a second script. Perhaps after several scripts you could send one out to an agent. But the first? It's what makes the business so cluttered. The fact that so many would be writers are sending off these first scripts with hopes of striking it rich. One of the best things a new screenwriter can do is try and join a group. Preferably a screenwriter's group, so they can get some honest feedback up front and not get their hopes up for those early drafts. I'm not ruling out writers having talent and succeeding with first scripts - but I'd bet that people would be more interested in their writing and offer them assignments rather than the submitted script. There is more to writing a script than just hammering out a plot and tying up the loose ends. But I'll save that rant for next time.


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