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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are You Sure?

So, it's been so long since I last posted, I'm starting to get that guilty feeling I get when I haven't called my parents in too long. While I often think about posting, when I consider the absolute downpour of postings that Unk is posting over at the Unknown Screenwriter, I find little else to add to his encyclopedic tomb.

Well, in reading this months (or next months, depending on if you subscribe or not) Script magazine, I saw where Justin Theroux (writer or co-writer of Tropic Thunder) is being offered the writing job of Iron Man 2.

My first thought was, "wow, I wouldn't want to be responsible for that." Which quickly led me to think, "what kind of loser doesn't want Iron Man 2?" See, on one hand, it's a lot of responsibility. If it tanks, it's your fault (although, considering we are just writers, I guess there isn't really that much at risk). On the other, what an incredible opportunity! Justin has been acting for some time, but Tropic is his only screen credit for writing thus far.

Something I believe many budding screenwriters don't consider is the writing for hire market. While you may never sell your script, you might get offered writing assignments based of what others like about your writing (just one more of the many reasons you *must* appear to be professional on the page and any vocal or visual appearances).

The question you have to ask yourself is: "If I was offered a writing assignment to write a major subject, would I take it?" Think about your favorite movie and imagine having to write a sequel - or a prequel. Could you? or something you consider too big - another Indy or Star Wars script. The writers of the last X-Men movie were thrilled and scared of the prospect. Could they do the job and have it live up to fans expectations? There are times when you will be faced with what appears to be a tremendous opportunity. Where you are being plucked from the crowd and given the chance to prove yourself and your talents. At these times, I recommend you remember that outside of things like rocket science and brain surgery, most people can do most things. Have confidence in yourself and the talent that put you in that new position and go for it. For nothing can be worse than remembering that when given what you wanted, you never even tried.