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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Next "Hot" movie

If you ask me, the reason all these comic book movies are doing so well, aside from the fact they are well-made (i.e. somewhat faithful to their comics and not shlock like I believe Batman 2 up to Batman Beyond were. See the last couple Supermans prior to Superman Returns) is that they are vengence stories.

Okay, maybe vengence is a little strong. Let's say they are Action movies.

Well, DUH! you say. But maybe you're not looking closely enough. These aren't the same action pictures like "Last Action Hero" or "Predator". These are action stories where people *take* action and *DO* something. People controlling their lives instead of being controlled. It's what Superheros are all about. Saving the day. Thwarting evil, etc.

If there weren't so many 'issues' surrounding the gun lobby these days, I would have expected an update of Death Wish.

You see, in our current world, frustration is the enemy of the day. You can't get anything done anymore. Worse, if you do, you're just as likely to be punished for it.

Does anybody really merge anymore? Or is it more like 75% of the people get in line and 25% of the people fucking rush down the open merge lane for the front of the line.

At the Express checkout, do people really count? Walmart says "about 15" because they know some ass is going to walk up with 16 items and pitch a fit if they're not checked out. I went into Food Lion today and some woman drops like 20 items on the belt with a sign above her reading "Express lane - 12 or less items". She has two teenagers with her bringing more items up as she waits in line.

Now. Do the rest of us say anything? No. Frustration. What if we do? Think she'll put her shit back in her cart and move to another register? Uh... don't think so.

It's a daily battle of frustration. The person who drives right on the speed limit or below, in thick traffic in the passing lane. You know they see everybody back there. And you know what they're thinking.... "if that SOB wants to pass me, he can just go around. I'm going the speed limit."

Thanks. I'd do that if it wasn't so fucking packed in all the other slow ass lanes going the same speed as you.

Work. Gee - we all love it. Countless stories from Hollywood about troublesome actors, stupid executive notes, etc. Is it really much better outside Hollywood? Management that can't make a decision because once they do, they'll be responsible for it. Outsourcing all our entry-level tech jobs to foreign countries because it's cheaper. Even though the majority of the population doesn't want it and, I'm sorry, can't understand what many operators are saying.

The price of gas is going up, yet our government, and the car industry, just keeps on pumping out the gas guzzlers. Last I heard, you had to get on a waiting list for a hybrid. Check out the upcoming movie "who killed the electric car" for more information.

So, you want to make a new movie? Make a movie where you see somebody VENT that damn frustration. In just about any manner, and it will be welcomed.

In our society you can't *do* anything without some sort of repercussion - even the absurd ones. Defend your life from an attacker? Held on charges for assault. Spank your unruly child in public? Expect a visit from the social workers. Piss of your spouse? They could screw you over by reporting you as a child abuser. You could beat the rap, but your reputation is shit now.

So find a way to get some of that frustration into a film and then figure out a way to vent it. I'll be the first in line to see it when it comes to my local theater.


Blogger wcdixon said...

What was that Michael Douglas movie again - 'Falling Down'? Sounds like you want a sequel...

Any word on that Rogers commercial tune?

Thursday, June 29, 2006 at 2:11:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Dave said...

Yeah, I'm waiting for a something in the vein of Falling Down :)

Haven't seen anything yet. Checked a day or two ago.

Monday, July 3, 2006 at 1:14:00 AM EDT  
Blogger Unknown said...

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