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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jane Espenson

I can't imagine any aspiring TV/film writing not reading Jane's blog, it so chock full of interesting information.

This one really caught my eye: http://www.janeespenson.com/archives/00000116.php

A really interesting tidbit of information about comedy, drama and characters. Be sure to read it if you haven't.

I've ready quite a few blogs and it's interesting to see who has what to say about writing. Jane's blog peaks my interest because it makes me wonder if writers on shows, or even professional feature writers for that matter, actually think down to the level o a joke. "How can we best play this joke?" or "We need a joke here, what kind should we use?"

I like the idea of breaking the writing down to that level. Although writing is primarily a singular pursuit, it's quite appealing to to discuss the art with others - what works, what doesn't, how to improve, etc.

That's the best thing about the blogs - you can read any book to get the information you want, but the web allows interaction with others. So, don't hesitate to post folks! Not just here, but anywhere you visit. Not only do the owners get a perk, but there have been some great conversations started in blogs.


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