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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Latest Movies

Seen a few lately.

The Man... better than expected. Seemed like a good structure, well-written. They did a good job of making character likable, establishing risk, setting a plant up all within the first few minutes.

The Family Stone - was expecting something much funnier than I got. Good film - but I seem to recall the previews showing all the funny parts, not the drama-downer parts. All in all, entertaining and fun to watch.

Grandma's Boy - As expected. Nothing new really, Porky's (dating myself) humor with a minor storyline. Some amusing jokes. Really solidifies Jane's blog about dramatic versus comedic characters.

The Grudge - so-so. Watched the extras where they talked about how original it was, but it sure didn't feel like it. It was by the original film's writer/director and felt like it (that is foreign). Again, not bad, but perhaps not the grab I expected. This might be in part to what makes it a horror film for the Eastern audiences isn't a familiar belief with Western audiences.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - ungh. Creepy as hell. Glad I watched it during the day. Brought back memories of the Exorcism. I thought it was quite well done. Although I find it ironic that one of the lines IN the movie is almost a quote from a writer friend of mine who wrote a similar script years before this came out - that is (paraphrasing), "nobody has ever tried to prove the devil exists in court". If this is a year old now, was two years in the making, I can see why my friend's script probably didn't get much attention - perhaps this was in the works.

The Great Raid - Pretty good. Excellent treatment of a horrible subject. The only bad thing I can see about movies like this are that it reminds us of what transpired before. While it's good to remember the great deeds and hero's, it also brings back the hatred and atrocious acts committed against people by certain countries (Germany & Japan being the most featured).

I feel that although you can't just forgive and forget, the people there now just aren't the same, but very likely could be viewed that way because of the films.

It's a difficult situation for us as human beings who want to recognize the sacrifices of those that came before yet grow beyond our prior selves of 50 years ago.


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