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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Write about what you hate

You hear (or will hear) lots of folks telling you to "write what you
know", "write something you love". By that, they mean write something
that you love enough to keep looking at it and working on it day after
day, draft after draft.

However, I'm all for writing about something you hate just as much. I
believe hate to be a much stronger emotion than love (although Hollywood
will tell you differently). There are lots of movies that come from that
dark place - I'd say that a fantastic film, Boyz in the Hood, probably
came from this dark, dank corner of hatred. A hatred of why young kids
don't see more of a future for themselves. Just because hatred of
something is driving you doesn't mean the story (or the driver) is bad.
Hatred of injustice, hatred of futility, hatred of lack of passion, lack
of intelligence - any number of themes or ideas. And if you hate that
enough, you'll be willing to get in tight and dust it up with the
subject on a regular basis for as long as it takes to get that story
done and out. Until you effectively banish that ghost driving the
emotions. Once it's all down on paper and done the way you needed -
things may wane. And that's okay. That's probably good. A little
detachment is healthy (especially with writing - especially with

So next time when you're fighting to come up with something that you'll
"love" dealing with for the next year or so, and having problems, maybe
turn to something you can't stand and see where it takes you.


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