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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Audience Must Be Asleep

So the $60 million dollar question is: When you write a blog, are you
writing to vent and it doesn't matter who shows up or are you expecting
(desperately wanting) people to show up and comment?

Sorta like writing a spec script. Do you really just enjoy the process
of writing? Or are you actually expecting the damn thing to sell so you
can a) become a rich mo-fo or b) have the career of your dreams. The
"pros" say if you're in it for the money, quit, because it's too much
freaking' heartache to do it just for the money.

Well, shit, I got enough heartache from my day job now, how much fucking worse could it be?

So, I'm driving the other day - and this is something I don't do much of
since I work out of my house - and the person in front of me is a) going
15 mph under the speed limit and b) handicapped (at least that's what
the plates say). Now I like handicapped folks as much as the next
carnivore, but exactly why are they on the road? They're unable to walk
more than 20 feet from the store to their parking space, they need
ramps, and stability bars and extra large parking spaces because "they
need them" - yet, they're okay to drive a car?

Are their rates through the fucking roof? Because I know that when I was
just getting my license, my rates were through the ceiling. They say
that driving while drunk is bad, but exactly what are the requirements
for getting a handicapped sticker on your car? Missing limbs? Lack of
hearing (or god forbid) sight? Is that really better than being drunk?

Used to be that God would send a plague around to thin us out, the
handicapped didn't stand a chance. If you were born that way you
probably got drowned, if it happened by some sort of accident, then you
probably didn't survive long enough to become handicapped. Old people
got sick and died, etc. Now, we're keeping people around 20-40 years
longer than expected. In fact, we'll keep people alive now, just because
we can.

We keep wondering why there are so many natural catastrophes - maybe
that's all that's working for God these days - the usual stand-bys of
age and illness don't seem to be working as well as they used to. God
knows that getting eaten by animals doesn't work for shit anymore. Hell,
around here, if an animal scratches you, they're put down for public safety.

Peace. Out.


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