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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Writing in the gas chamber

I've read about how writers love their cats. How these lovable cats curl
up beside them - or in a chair beside them and nap (for support) while
their owners type away.

I have a 75lb lab. She's got to be over 10 years old and she does the
same thing. However, she like to spread out *right next to my chair*.
When a cat spreads out, they cover a couple feet, my lab takes up
several square feet (what with those legs stretched out as far as
possible). Hence, I'm always coming close to rolling over her or
tripping over her when I get up or move.

She also has this annoying habit - she emits a noxious gas on a regular
basis which jars me out of any creative flow I may be lucky enough to be
locked into.

This stuff is putrid. An unbelievable stench. As is typical with
animals, it's also silent, so there's no warning, just these fumes
wafting over my shoulder.

Thank god I have a remote for a fan in the room.


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