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An award caliber procrastinator discovers a new and dangerous pursuit to keep him from actually writing another script. Why another Blog? I love to talk screenwriting. I love to talk story. I live in Richmond, VA. It's almost easier to get produced than find another screenwriter here. We are the anti-LA.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pencil or Pixel

Me, I probably should use paper and pen/pencil. I can burn hours and
hours up on the computer without even opening a screenwriting program or
any sort of outlining software or anything.

Between the web, program updates, troubleshooting, games, music, art,
photos, e-mail, movies, videos, blogs, web page updates, bah.... way too
easy. Heck, I've burned at least 5-10 hours this week reading blogs. Why
is it so many of us procrastinate when it comes to writing? I can bust
through 8 hours of my day job without an issue, but sit down and write?
That's like pulling teeth. And why? I love it. I love to talk story,
love to write, love reading something I've written well. Why is it so
hard to sit down and do it.

I have to wonder if it's not a bit of fear. Fear of finishing. Fear of
proving that I'm not as good as I think. Fear of completing a story -
ending the journey. Fear of success. Fear of something. I'm sure it's
some sort of fear. Perhaps I just don't want to look that far down into
myself to figure out what it is.

What does it mean if you can't plonk yourself down and write? Is it
laziness? I find that hard to believe for all of us - and yet, it's a
popular ordeal for writers to face procrastination. If it's fear, what
are we all afraid of? Surely we can't all be unambitious. Why does
writing seem to be so different from all other work. You could say it's
solitary work - but I work out of my house, so I don't have a lot of
communication anyway. I had much fewer problems writing when I was
younger. Could it be a feeling of ambivalence?

For now, I find myself mostly curious about those cool little status
meetings some folks have on their blogs that show this completion status
of their scripts. What the hell do I care about that for? All my scripts
are at bloody ZERO! *sigh*


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