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An award caliber procrastinator discovers a new and dangerous pursuit to keep him from actually writing another script. Why another Blog? I love to talk screenwriting. I love to talk story. I live in Richmond, VA. It's almost easier to get produced than find another screenwriter here. We are the anti-LA.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Explosion of Screenwriters

Ok, I thought it was a lot when I started poking around this damn
Blogger thing, but now it's just getting insane.

I've got about 15-20 links already and I've only spent one evening
poking around other peoples "links worth reading". I shudder to think of
the number of sites you'd find if you actually went looking in earnest.
You could absolutely spend all your time reading Blogs instead of
writing anything. Maybe it's an insidious plot to keep new screenwriters
out of the system. Keep 'em reading and posting to blogs instead of writing.

Man, I remember when there was about 10, ten, TEN total sites with the
word screenwriting mentioned somewhere in there. Holy cow do I feel old.

For folks that are in the Richmond, VA area, feel free to drop a line
and say hello or inquire about the Virginia Screenwriters Forum. It's a
great group of writers who provide feedback on scripts for each other
and meeting once a month in person.

How guilty do I feel putting up another screenwriting blog after that


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